Alya Stafford

The Lockdown Diaries

The Lockdown Diaries is a personal research project that revolves around human relationships in the time of Covid-19. It's a story I wrote about 7 different people in 5 different circumstances, going through the covid lockdown and dealing with everything that comes with. I illustrated it and collated it all into an interactive website. The website is unfortunately no longer active.


A story about human relationships in the age of Covid-19. All put under lockdown, we're all living different lives and everyone is in different situations. This story tells the tale of 7 different people under different circumstances and situations.

Rory and Luke, the new couple who discovers it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Ali and Will who discover how easy it is to fall back in love. Salma, far from her family and everything she knows. Freddie who has a rocky relationship with his family. and Jasmin, the elderly woman left on her own.

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