a piece of home

my project, a piece of home, is a love letter to lebanon. it serves as a memoir of people who’ve had to leave lebanon because of the current political and economical crisis. It is a repository of testimonials and a desperate love letter to their country and families.

I interviewed 15 people aged between 18-30 years old and using these interviews, I collated them into a graphic novel called a piece of home. it is a compilation of their perspectives on migration and nostalgia to which most people in the diaspora can relate to. As I say in my foreword: " This book was created with the intention to remind people that they’re not alone while reminding ourselves of our similarities in the ways we remember our country. By assessing and acknowledging the universality of belonging, nostalgia and homesickness, highlighting similarities and reinforcing their inclusion in a same displaced group.”

the product is an a5 book collating quotes from the interviews, with my illustrations and photos from me and my cousin zouheir alameddine. 

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